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Limits on Spectral Resolution

The limits of frequency resolution in nano-NMR experiments have been discussed extensively in recent years. It is believed that there is a crucial difference between the ability to resolve a few frequencies and the precision of estimating a single one...

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NV center base nano-NMR enhanced by deep learning

In this work we show that noise in nano-NMR setups can be handled efficiently by Deep Learning methods

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High-resolution sensing of high-frequency fields

In this work we show how dynamical decoupling can be integrated in the sensing of high-frequency fields

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Towards Hyperpolarization of diffusive molecules

Polarization transfer from an NV to diffusive oil molecules

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Dynamical Decoupling of the Mølmer-Sørensen Gate

Dealing with σj​  noise in the two qubit gate

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Quantum computation with biased noise

Dynamical decoupling techniques are the method of choice for increasing gate fidelities. While these methods have shown very impressive results in decreasing local noise and increasing the fidelities of single qubit operations, these have proven to be more challenging when dealing with noise of two qubit gates. 
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Simple source for large linear cluster photonic states

In this project we present and analyze a resource efficient scheme for the construction of...


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Quantum Computation with Trapped Ions

Overcoming amplitude noise of a pulse laser for the two qubit gate

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Quantum Cryptography

The security of cryptographic quantum protocols can be based only on...


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Quantum Simulations With Trapped Ions

In this project we propose how to realize a quantum simulation of the Haldane phase in trapped ions.